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Thornbury is a thriving market town located in the heart of the country and civil parish of South Gloucestershire, just 12 miles north of Bristol. The built up part of the town itself accounts for the majority of Thornbury’s population (11,687) with a further 376 located outside this area in the wider parish of Thornbury.

As the electoral boundaries of the UK have changed over the last century or so, Thornbury has found itself in no less than five parliamentary constituencies. Since 2010 it has sat in the constituency of Thornbury and Yate.

Thornbury is steeped in history and there is evidence that people settled in the area in Neolithic and Bronze Age times. In 2004 a hoard of over 11,000 Roman coins was found in the area, although there is no evidence of a village being established in the area until the 9th century.

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Thornbury is perhaps most famous for its beautiful castle, a Tudor building that was once home to Edward Stafford, 3rd Duke of Buckingham (before he was executed for treason by Cardinal Wolsey in 1521). After Stafford's beheading Henry VIII seized the castle and even stayed there himself with Anne Boleyn for ten days in 1535. The castle is now a 27-room luxury hotel.

Two of Thornbury's biggest employers are the workwear manufacturer Alexandra and the spectacle lens manufacturer, Essilor. The town has several schools, the largest of which is Castle Secondary School. Primary schools include Gillingstool Primary School and St Mary's Church of England Primary School.

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