Vit Stix

Hydrate With Vitamins

Vit Stix mission is to give people the ability to conveniently stay hydrated with vitamins whatever their lifestyle, on the go, in the gym, at work, at home or for their children. We exist because we are passionate about convenience, ease of use and health - we are a combination of the three.

What is Vit Stix?

We are a single portion drinks company that want to revolutionise peoples lives by combining the need to hydrate with the need to intake a range of vitamins. We are on a hydration mission and want to ensure people are drinking enough and staying healthy on the go.

What problem do Vit Stix solve?
Vit Stix are targeted towards everyone. It’s simple – everyone needs to drink water and everyone needs to ensure they have sufficient levels of Vitamin B, C, D and Zinc. That’s where Vit Stix can help and solve the problem that so many people face. People need an effective way to stay healthy, and Vit Stix solve this in order to help individuals lead a healthier life and live better.

Why do people care about Vit Stix?

Vit Stix are an changing the way people hydrate in an unprecedented way, reducing plastic waste, saving time and space, and ensuring people are topped up with the vitamins they need to lead a healthy life. The product is special for 7 key reasons:

  1. Hangover cure – less heavy on the palette than Berocca and a great way to boost energy after a heavy night
  2. Vitamin D – the government recommends everyone take vitamin D supplements, due to the lack of sunshine. Two drinks give you 100% of your Vitamin D, Berocca has none of this in.
  3. Plastic – Vit Stix are 98% less plastic waste than competitor Vitamin Water, and encourage individuals to use reusable water bottles as opposed to single use plastic bottles, therefore seeking to help the current t2opical issue of plastic wastage.
  4. Children – the flavour is loved by children, and the no added sugar, artificial colours or flavours is loved by parents.
  5. Zinc – the product contains Zinc which is known to have numerous beauty benefits in helping ensure hair, skin and nails are well maintained and  healthy
  6. Sports – From Triathletes to Fitness enthusiast, Vit Stix unique blend of vitamins help to enhance mental and physical performance.
  7. Work – so many of our Vit Stix customers are actually corporate clients who are supplying their staff with Vit Stix as a wellbeing gift in order to boost health and morale.


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