Why it makes sense to get more than one quote


When you need to call a builder or tradesman, finding the right person for the job can feel like an enormous task. Trust Local has removed the need for searching in the dark, with a comprehensive directory of approved local builders and tradesmen serving Bristol, South Gloucestershire and surrounding towns. Armed with the Trust Local directory it can be tempting to make a single call and give the job to the first person that responds. We recommend taking the time to make a few calls to get more than one quote.


Why should I get more than one quote?

Trust Local directory only includes checked and approved tradesmen, so it may appear overzealous to be recommending multiple quotes. Receiving more than one price for your work is not just to check the validity of the figures, it is also useful for ensuring you get the solution you need.

When a builder or tradesman provides an estimate (a guideline figure which is usually within 10-15% of the quoted price) they will match your needs to their own skills and make recommendations for the job. Once you have walked through the process with more than one builder or tradesman you will get a clearer idea of what you need and what is available to you. This clarity will support decision making once the quotes come in. The prices may vary but itemisation of the work should provide full details of what they include. Pay attention to this because one quote may include something additional that was or perhaps wasn't discussed at your first meeting. Once you have appraised the prices on a level playing field it should provide assurance that you are paying the ‘going rate’ for your job. If you had only ever received a single price it would be harder to ascertain the market rate.


Getting the right builder or tradesman for you

When we invite people into our homes or workplaces it is important to feel comfortable with their presence. On large jobs you could be sharing a space for some time. After seeing 3 or more people to get the initial quotes it should give you a feel for who you would like to work alongside. When the quotes come in, you may already have a favourite regardless of the price. This is a natural part of the process and having a basis of comparison is always the best way to find your perfect fit.

Start every job with the Trust Local directory.

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