Why you should always shop around for goods and services


Sometimes it is easier to just stick with what you know.  The thought of the hassle involved in switching suppliers or investigating lots of different options can feel like too much work.  However, a little investigation and shopping around can pay dividends when you are trying to find the best deal.  This isn’t always necessarily about finding the cheapest option but more about discovering the best product or service for you. 

Always shop around for insurance and utilities

The services that you should always shop around for are insurances, such as home and car insurance and your utilities.  With various comparison websites available it is easy to see the different options available.  Any slight hassle involved in moving these services are outweighed by the savings you could make.  Make sure when investigating the options available, that you check that any new policy you find includes all the elements you need.  For example, a car insurance quote may look cheap but it might not have all the options you currently have.  Also, be careful if your provider has set your policy to be auto renewed as you could be charged for your renewal without being informed.  By shopping around, you may get a better price and you can use this to try to get a better deal with your current provider.

 Always get more than one quote for a job

If you want to employ a tradesperson make sure you get more than one quote for the job.  This is not just about finding the cheapest price.  Look at any quote you receive closely to check what is being included.  A price may look appealing but has the job been fully mapped out?  Did the supplier listen to all your requirements?  You do not want to be surprised by hidden extras later.  Also, you should check whether the work will be covered by any relevant building regulations, if required.   Trust Local can help you find qualified tradespeople who have membership to professional bodies and have a good reputation. 

Always look at more than the price

A cheaper price may mean a lower standard of product or customer service.  You may pay more for a certain product but they may last longer or have a better guarantee.   Also consider the customer service aspect of a purchase.  You may get a cheap deal online but using a local supplier could make things easier if there is a problem.  Having someone you can easily contact with an issue is an important factor to consider.  Everyone knows the frustration of hanging on the phone trying in vain to get through to someone who can actually help!

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