Why you should support independent, local businesses


Small and independent businesses are at the heart of our community, so it is important that we give them our support.  What are the advantages of using an independent, local business rather than a larger corporation?

You can create a good relationship with a business

Small business owners are often more accessible to the customer.  You can put a face to a name and have greater access to the company if you have any queries or problems.    A closer relationship with a business can also lead to greater benefits for you.  You could be the first to find about a sale or a special offer.  Or the business may let you know about a new product they think you might like.

They are often at the forefront of innovation

Independent businesses are not constrained by red tape in the same way that larger companies are, leaving them with more space to experiment.  Many independent businesses are pushing the boundaries and finding new ways to do things.  By supporting them you could be ahead of the game. 

They offer greater choice

Small businesses are often able to offer you more choice in terms of their products and services and have more scope to tailor things to your requirements.  If an independent business creates a product themselves they may have more flexibility to make it in the colour you want, for example.  You could get a bespoke product that fits in with your needs rather than making do with something that is not quite right.

They care

If you buy from an independent business it matters to them if you are happy and it makes a difference to them if you tell friends and family about your experience.  They are often not just a paid employee, this is their livelihood, their dream, so it means more.  Their personal investment in the business means that it is in their interest to give you the best service possible.

They can offer personal advice

A computer algorithm will not understand exactly what you need.  Sometimes talking to someone face to face can make all the difference.  If you need a new kitchen or bathroom, for example, having a local supplier who can come to your house and advise you on the best approach can make a difference.  By using a local supplier in this way, you can investigate different options and find just the right thing for you without relying on faceless corporations.  

You can help boost your local economy

We all want our High Street to be busy and offer a greater choice but we need to support local businesses in our towns to help them thrive.  A strong sense of buying locally helps grow a sustainable local economy.

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