Top Tips to Take Proper Care Of Your Boiler for Its Efficiency


Most of the people aware of the gas safety but you have to take proper care and maintenance of your boiler system too. A well-taken care of boiler can perform effectively in terms of even heat distribution, cost-efficiency and energy-saving. 

Lots of things can be done to take well care and maintenance of the home boiler system. Given below are some of them you can do either by DIY or by hiring the services of a reliable plumber. 

Entertain annual servicing of your boiler

Servicing is the prime thing to do to take proper care of your boiler system and maintain its efficiency. Just book the services of 24 hour boiler repair in Camden to perform it every year as per your conveniences.   

Bleed the radiators

Air gets trapped in the radiators easily and it doesn’t let the boiler to function in an appropriate way. Even it is responsible for exerting much pressure on the boiler which results in the complete breakdown of the system.

Bleeding of the system at a regular interval of time helps in emission of the accumulated air and allows it to work efficiently as it was doing on the initial days.  

Include inhibitor

Both limescale and sludge are the significant causes for the destruction of your boiler system. If you add an inhibitor to the system, it will act effectively in the prevention of limescale and sludge build up and you system can stay protected against corrosion.

If the build up of these elements have not been checked for a long time then progressively it will interfere in the smooth performance of your boiler. You can notice it easily by observing the cold spots on the radiators. All of a sudden you will find that your boiler system gets dead completely.

Hence, it is crucial for you to hire the services of a reliable Gas safe engineer to include inhibitor in your boiler.  

Install the much-needed magnetic filter

As the sludge predominantly builds up in your system it will end up with the formation of rust inside of the pipes.  Therefore it is highly recommended to use magnetic filters and radiators so that these metallic elements can be filtered out completely without causing any potential damage to the boiler system.

Along with the inhibitor, these additional elements are a great advantage for your boiler system and you can ask your heating engineer to do it for you.  

Powerflush your boiler system

If a sludge build up is already installed, you must install the power flush to flush the accumulated build up out of your boiler system. You may also include the inhibitor in it as the prevention against reaccumulation of the build up in the system. You can also hire the service of your local Gas Safe engineers to do the job for you. 

Condensate the pipes or lag outdoor pipes

It is the most important thing you must do in the coldest winter days. When the temperature starts falling down in winter the outdoor pipes become highly prone to get frozen. As a result, your boiler may get broken down suddenly and even you may experience leaky and burst pipes in your plumbing system.

Lagging is the most inexpensive one to be bought from any local DIY store to prevent your pipes and boiler from unnecessary expensive repairs.

These are the top tips to take proper care of your boiler to maintain its efficiency in the long haul. You can even contact the boiler installation engineers of 4D Heating and Plumbing in case of sudden breakdown and other emergency repairs.


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