Top 10 Tips for Painting and Decorating from the Expert


Of course, preparation is required when it comes to painting and decoration of your home. The key to success to get the best possible outcome is underlying in the proper planning, collection of necessary tools and good quality things.

This blog compiles up 10 top tips offered by the experienced painters and decorators in London to do it like a pro. Read on to know them and achieve the great finish by DIY painting. 

  1. Collect all the essential materials

    Whenever, it is about decorating your home painting is the primary job you have to do. Hence, it is better for you to devote some quality time in gathering all the essential materials to perform the job perfectly.

    With all materials and tools in your hand, painting and decorating task can be done in an organised manner. Even, you can finish the task in the neatest and cleanest way possible within the shortest time period.
  2. Select a better quality paint for better finish

    When it is about painting, paint must be chosen of good quality. You may also opt for a number of poor quality and inexpensive paint to do the job. But it will not help you to achieve the desirable look and evenness of the wall.

    Although, better quality paint is more expensive yet it completely worth its value by offering you with the look of your home you are wish to have for long.
  3. Get exemplary quality brushes

    Painting must be done with the help of exemplary quality brushes. You are highly advised to use fine quality synthetic-bristled brush 5cm (20 inch) to achieve the cutting edge of the room for better finishing.
  4. Emphasis on ridges and corners specifically

    During painting put additional attention to the ridges and corner of the room. Painting must be done finely at the ceiling edges, corners, around the doors and windows and over skirting boards. Repetition or over-coating is also necessary for every newly-painted wall prior you proceed to the next step to achieve the desired look and blend.
  5. Choose the ideal roller for painting

    A roller is the perfect tool to get the desired smoothness and evenness throughout the wall with paint. According to the painters in London, widely painters should use medium pile roller 17cm (7-inch) for walls. On the other hand, small rollers are best to give the much-needed smoothness in the narrow sections or the area surrounding the radiators.

    Any new roller must be soaked properly in the soapy water to get rid of additional fluffs which can transfer onto the wall at the time of painting.
  6. Eliminate the chance of dripping of paint

    While you are about to paint the wall eliminate the chance of dripping, otherwise, it can ruin the painting task. So, it is highly recommended to use half of the brush to dip in the paint and tap it gently at the paint tin’s side. It will safeguard the wall against excessive dripping paint.
  7. Follow the W/M technique for even painting

    Prefer W/M technique for an even distribution of the bulk of paint. It means you have to spread the paint in the form of letter M which will be followed by W and vice-versa. It must be done by a roller so that the required wall obtains proper smooth and even paint. Moreover, you will be ensured with a great and even coverage of colour throughout the wall.
  8. Wait till the splash of paint dries in the window

    At last, windows should be cleaned in case you have ended up it with splash of paint. Once it gets dried up completely it can be removed easily with the help of a paint scraper.
  9. Keep the painting brush fresh

    Before you set out to paint your home, make sure that the painting brushes are fresh and in good working condition. It must be kept covered by a damp cloth in the bucket along with rollers. It will assure that it remains in good condition and doesn’t get dried out.
  10. Make the space tidy and clean

    The very last tip for painting and decorating like a pro is to make the space the tidy and clean. Use a damp cloth to combat with the paint splatters occur in the room. In case of removing excessive films of paint, paper towels can be your ideal companion for drying up the area.

    Moreover, try to paint and decorate the walls in an organised manner as this will let you to do everything in a specific order. As a result you can get final successful outcome due to the assistance of this contributing factor.  

So, what are you waiting for! Visit the nearest store today to collect all the essential items and start with the painting task soon. Follow the above-mentioned tips to attain the best finish for your wall you could ever think of!

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