Local Business Networking

Our monthly networking event is changing the way people do business in Bristol and South Gloucestershire.

The popular meetups bring together independent traders, small businesses and members of the public, creating a warm atmosphere in which to develop strong working relationships.


How is Trust Local different from other networking groups?

Networking events come in all shapes and sizes; some structured, others confusing. Many carry membership fees, which can alienate small businesses. However, our Referral Exchange meetings are completely FREE to Trust Local advertisers and members of the public alike – creating a collaborative environment, connecting local businesses with local people.

There's no commitment, just simply attend meetings as and when you can... We're here to help!


Real social networking: Make useful contacts and meet prospective clients


What can you expect from a
 Trust Local Referrals meeting?

Don't worry if you're new to networking - we don’t expect everyone to stand up and deliver presentations to a room full of strangers! There'll be a quick round of introductions so everyone knows the nature of each other's business, allowing you to quickly identify the right people to approach. We also invite professionals to give talks on issues affecting local trade and have recently teamed up with Referral Institute to improve the design and structure of these events, and guarantee you'll walk away having made useful contacts.

We're all about making friends and staying connected, and you'll meet all sorts of people who either need your help or can help you. There's no better way to get your business known in the community.

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Want to know more about business networking?

We encourage local businesses to drop into one of our meetings to see whether our networking events can work for them. Call Richard on 01454 881882 or 07577 775 111 or email richard@trust-local.co.uk
 for more information on our next event. 

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